About Us

An Rabharta Glas-Green Left (ARG-GL) is an eco-socialist political party for the island of Ireland.

<h1>About Us</h1>

An Rabharta Glas can be translated to mean The Green Wave. However, the word Rabharta depending on the context can also mean a spring tide, a surge or abundance.

Our slogan is ‘Comhshaol agus Comhionannas’.
Comhshaol is an older Irish word for environment which means the 'lived-with life’ rather than the more technical term timpeallacht. We use the word Comhshaol because we believe that is the best way to protect the environment is to protect the people living with together with it.
Comhionannas translates as equality. We recognise that we will not be able to transform our state and economy if we are not all empowered as decision makers with the most ambitious expectations for ourselves and our future.