Robin Cafolla

A picture of Robin Cafolla, Rabharta's MEP candidate for Dublin

Robin Cafolla is a software engineer and climate activist, and is our Dublin candidate for the European Parliament.

He is a strong believer in non-hierarchical organising, worker and carer lead democracy and the egalitarian principle.

Robin co-founded Rabharta when it became clear that the political system in Ireland was incapable of making meaningful systemic change. He established the principles of non-hierarchy and revolutionary reform that are core to Rabharta's political philosophy.

Statement from the candidate:

"We must address climate breakdown within this decade if we are to have a functioning society for the generations to come. To do that we need to build a society that is better for the overwhelming majority of people; giving people more time off, more say in how their communities are structured, and control over their own work.

I believe that Irish people can identify the changes we need within their own areas of expertise, and if we empower people we can prevent climate breakdown and build a better world for each other in the process."